2017 Lloyd R. Knowles

The isaiah project

Artist/ Lloyd R.Knowles

Abstract art, digital, metaphorical, biblical, space, birds, graphics, trees, flowers. Living room, Artist

Abstract Art

Metaphors on Isaiah, Revelation, and Other Scriptures

The Isaiah Project Is a major goal in my work. Most people find Isaiah's writings all but incomprehensible. Therefore my goal is to create visual metaphors from his written metaphors. I hope to cover all 66 chapers in my lifetime. To do so I have studied many sources, his method of writing and the context of his time. Most chapters are Christ centric, both of his his life and teachings, and of his return at the end of days. These things are the focus of my work as well as the historical and miracle chapters.

Please note that some of these are to be reworked. If you are interested in an original and I plan to return to it, I will discuss it with you. Prints are always available.

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