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Abstract Art


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Installations are typically considered to be works that require installation on  site. This is true of IS 55A - Come to the Waters, a fairly complex assemblage. Dining Table on the other hand is simply a table. See descriptions

IS 55A - Come to the Waters

IS 55A was originally built as a slightly smaller project and exhibited with the 55B triptych. When the call for entries for the 2015 LDS Worldwide Triennial was themed "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" I felt this work should be more substantial.

The intent of this work is to represent the life of Christ - or, at least the the purpose thereof. Therefore the symbolism:

The Table: At first sight the representation is obvious - the Last Supper.

The red fabric runner: The blood of Christ. It runs the full length of the table then is woven though the back of the chair.

The Chair: Tilted against the table, it represents the expected guest - Christ at his second coming. It is white with red leather seat representing purity and sacrifice.

The glasses: Twelve of them representing the Apostles. They are filled to various levels (the varying faith of the Apostles) with clear resin - one is empty. The Living Water.

The loaf on a plate: The Bread of Life. The loaf is broken.

Hidden lighting: The light of Christ. Beneath the table is a reflective trough with 580 led's. There are holes in the table below each glass and the water container. The light shows through the fabric with the effect of turning the water to blood. The LED strips are rated to at least 20,000 hours. Also under the table are the required transformer and a switch box.

Stone tiles: The paths and streets of Jerusalem where Jesus walked. The stones are inset into the table.

The text: Aramaic Hebrew - "Jesus is the Lord" carved around the edge and filled with gold.

Shown in studio

Edge detail with calligraphy carving

This table was originally built in my wood shop for one of my daughters while she was living with her family off campus near BYU. 

By the time of their second move the table was in need of refinishing. They were also in need of a larger table - therefore this became an art work.

The transformation was quite enjoyable and I'd love to convert more furniture into usable art works. Probably by commission. If you have an idea for your own, please contact me and we'll work something out.


The table frame was built of white fir. The top is white oak with cherry edging. The inset strip was painted black.

for the restoration the top was stripped down to bare wood and the frame was cleaned and sanded as needed.

The top is clear finished and the frame has cordovan stain (black painted details.

The painting is acrylic, both opaque and wash. Splashes of cordovan stain inspired the ink work. The blue squares have magenta ink applied to the wet paint. The sunburst is yellow paint with magenta and blue ink.

You will have something different to talk about at dinner.

Dining Table