2017 Lloyd R. Knowles

Abstract art, digital, metaphorical, biblical, space, birds, graphics, trees, flowers. Living room, Artist


Artist/ Lloyd R.Knowles

These works were created recently and are and indication of the direction I'm taking. Over time "older works" will be moved to the catalog, while more recent works are added. They will all be also found in the catalog and their respective pages.

Isaiah 37 - "The 185000". Based on Isaiah's prophecy that Jerusalem would be saved from the Assyrian  siege. 

48x48 Acrylic and clay on panel

#17 of the Isaiah series. Orig: 2200

Isaiah 37 - "The 185000". The text is a paraphrasing of Isaiah's prophecy in the Assyrian cuneiform; as the Assyrian account didn't mention the outcome of the siege. A 1/8" layer of artists' clay impressed with a handmade stylus.

Isaiah 35B - "The Blind Shall See".

5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

6 Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert.

12x48 Acrylic on panel with resin; digital prints mounted behind acrylic panels and mounted offset from the background. #16 of the Isaiah Series. Original:950

Isaiah 55B - "Come to The Waters". Hardwood table 32x32x80. Representative of the lifeof Christ: Bordered with inlaid stone & gold filled, carved hebrew: Adonai Yeshua. See catalog page for full description. Original: 15,000

Landscape for E.D. (Commissioned).

32x32 Acrylic and ink on panel.

Prints only

"Fundamental". 32x48 Acrylic and ink on panel. Acrylic wash over ink.

"Fabricated". 20x20 Digital printed on aluminum. Floating frame 24x24. Original: 850

Standing. (Commissioned).

24x24 Acrylic on panel. 

Prints only

"Ghost Tree". 24x36 Acrylic washes on panel. Framed: 1500

"Board With Pins".

8x24 Acrylic and dowels on panel. Original: 450

"Flare". 24x36 Digital. Limited on gloss: 1250; Open edition: 450


24x24 Acrylic on cavas with ink and oil pastel. Origional: 1100

"Weaving". Detail

Works shown in the Zions Bank 2019 Show

Weaving: 24x24 acrylic, ink and oil pastel on canvas. $950

Ghost Tree:  2 layers of acrylic washes

on panel $950

Stirring #1      

11”X17” Acrylic and ink on panel   $800

Once in a Blue Moon

 18x24 Acrylic with  Mixed Media on canvas



 24X36: Acrylic on Canvas



24X36: Acrylic on Canvas   $1300 


 24X36: Acrylic on Canvas


Moon Rising Over Giza

 11”X17” Acrylic and ink on panel


Rising UP

11”X17” Acrylic on canvas panel



 18x24 Acrylic with
 Mixed Media on canvas panel



 11x14: Acrylic on canvas



 8”X12: Acrylic, Ink   On canvas


Stolen Kiss

 8”X12: Acrylic, Ink

On canvas      $150


 8”X12: Acrylic, Ink

On canvas      $150


 8”X12: Acrylic, Ink

On canvas        $150


 8”X12: Acrylic, Ink 

On canvas      $150


 11x14: Acrylic on canvas


States of Utah


16”X16” duo tone CG prints with

color pencil, Ink and watercolor;

 inset collage high saturation copy of background print   -  $800

Two copies are available - high and low saturation.